Mental Health & Wellbeing

A range of new, easily accessible mental health support is now available for people in Birmingham and Solihull. This support is available to local people of all ages as well as keyworkers.

These services are provided by a range of local organisations, and offer emotional help, guidance and reassurance to people in Birmingham and Solihull.

Other Services

GroupOpening hours and contact details
0-25 year olds in Birmingham

·         Pause is available 10am to 6pm Mon – Fri and 10am-5pm Saturdays.

·         Register and request support via       

·         Or call our registration line: 0207 841 4470

·         Support also available for parents/carers of this age group.

·         Group workshops and 1:1s available – no waiting list.

0-19 year olds in SolihullMonday to Friday SOLAR is available 8am to 8pm
Call: 0121 301  2750
Between 8pm to 8am and on weekends please call 0121 301 5500 and ask for Solar
11-25 year olds in Birmingham and Solihull

Peer to peer support through moderated discussion forums, self-care tools and resources and online mental health counselling and chat services from 12pm-10pm during the week, and 6pm-10pm at weekends:

Other mental health support services available locally:

OrganisationOpening hours and contact details
Birmingham LGBTMonday-Friday (10am-6pm):
0121 643 0821
Birmingham Mind – Talking SpaceDetails available here.